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Cast iron manhole top D400 60x60 recessed

Main technical characteristics

Telecom Code: 70363.7
Description of product: cast iron manhole top D400 600x600
Type: recessed
External encumbrance of frame (mm): 790 x 785 x 125
Internal clear opening (mm): 610 x 610x80h
Lids N°: 1, with basin of filling

Other technical characteristics

This model is particularly indicated in areas where it's necessary to keep a certain uniformity and continuity with adjacent paving, in case materials like self-blocking porphyry, tiles and others are used, for example, in inner city squares and pedestrian areas.

Every lid is provided with two bottom-closed holes fit for lifting lever (eventually they can be supplied on demand), which facilitates the opening of the manhole top. The lids, thanks to their depth of joint, ensure a good stability during the ride of vehicles.

Cast iron manhole top D400 60x60 recessed

Cast iron manhole top D400 60x60 recessed
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