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C250 40x40 Frame Lid

Main technical characteristics

Telecom Code: 62955.0
Description of product: frame-lid C250 400x400
(ext. 470x470)
Internal clear opening (mm): 375 x 375
Cover encumbrance (mm): 395 x 395
External encumbrance of frame (mm): 480 x 480 x 55
Lids N°: 1

Other technical characteristics

The frame-lid is constituted by a square frame and a lid provided with:
- a security key;
- a plastic stopper for the protection of the lock;
- a "locking winglet" to block the lid to the frame.

Material: nodular cast iron UNI EN 1563 ed. 11/98 - 1083 ed. 10/87.
Closure: with inox steel lock (according Telecom norm) openable with the appropriate cast iron security key.
Painting: non toxic and non polluting black painting.
Markings: the lid is prearranged for the application of every kind of marking or design of a personalized "mark".

Frame lid C250 40x40
Safety lock in inox steel
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